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Maintaining Your Office Furniture and Space Download pdf

Whether an office moving is taking place or not, it is important to maintain your office furniture and realize that it is an essential part of the day to day for any business. We are all aware of how carpet, flooring, bathrooms, and common areas need to be cleaned, but there are many areas that escape our attention. This guide aims to help you recognize some of these areas and create a plan for complete care of your office.


Dust and grime can build up in an office chair very easily. It settles into any moving part of a swivel chair, in any upholstery, and in the wheels. Because buildup of dust is very unhealthy for
people, vacuuming fabric as well as the moving parts of the chair each week is necessary. Once every six months a deeper maintenance program should be completed. Keep in mind that different materials on the chair may need difference care. For example, fabric and leather are very different and do require different products to maintain as best as possible. Keep an ear out for noises indicating wear such as creaking or squeaking noises to determine whether a product is needed to solve the problem causing the noise, and inspect regularly that all nuts/bolts are in place properly.


Maintenance of doors is often overlooked more than floors, but both require attention to maintain cleanliness and durability. Whether it is an in office door or exterior door, both can build up
grime so gradually that it is not often noticeable. It’s recommendable to thoroughly clean doors,
hinges, and tracks twice yearly to keep doors looking and behaving their best. Most offices are carpeted in the majority of areas, however if not, or for the areas uncovered, having a cleaning/maintenance plan is essential. Deep cleaning should occur monthly, spills should be cleaned up quickly before any liquids settle into flooring, and protection from furniture wheels
should be considered. For the latter, plastic runners or hardwood flooring casters could be used to protect floors. If casters are used, keep in mind they also need to be maintained regularly to
diminish chances of objects being stuck to them that can scratch flooring. As well, during an office moving day there could be a chance that scratches to flooring occurs. Cardboard can also
be used temporarily to protect floors during any office moving.