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To be successful in Office Moving, we at the Office Mover realize that it takes so much more than the basics. There are many companies that require precision and care to set guidelines and reach goals. For these companies, office moving becomes a process that is more than just going from a to b. It’s in understanding the c to z. We have the knowledge and structure in place to do the best job for professional organizations, including but not limited to Government facilities and Legal offices. The following list identifies how we have that understanding in our Office Moving

1. Proper Presentation – Our workers are always outfitted in clean uniforms with the Office Mover brand represented.

2. Proper Identification – I.D. tags are mandatory for any of our workers prior to being on site for any relocation. Failure to do so results in the worker being removed from site

3. Proper Packaging – Sensitive documents / files are treated with the utmost care and security.The bins with the items are fastened with security ties to ensure properstorage and delivery.

4. Proper Supervision – Apart from bins being securely fastened, any security clearance requirements are completed well ahead of the office moving day, and a supervisor oversees every aspect of the relocation to ensure compliance and security.

5. Proper Insurance – We have high value insurance available to further protect a company’s secure files/valuable items during an office move.

6. Proper Training – All of our workers have completed training not only in office moving standards and techniques, but in client service as well. Our drivers and installers are course certified to do the most precise job possible.

7. Proper Attitude – From management level to worker level, The Office Mover understands and respects the need for professionalism and care in a move. This is how we excel at what we do. It’s not just office moving; it’s professional business moving.