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The Office Relocation Plan Template Download pdf

This sample project plan helps you plan your office relocation. It identifies the major office relocation tasks, the dependencies, and typical duration of each task.

There’s a lot to do and you are recommended to start the process as early as possible to give yourself the best possible chance of a successful outcome. With the right professional team, like The Office Mover, you have the potential of shortening your office move and minimize risks.

Every office move will have its own particular circumstances but this document is based on 5 months which should allow sufficient time for slippage and/or more intricate contract negotiation.

Target Move Date 31-Jan-13
ITEM Date of Action
1. Pre-Planning
Senior management approval on the office relocation decision 03-Sep-12
Assign an internal manager to co-ordinate the office relocation (the Move Project Manager) 04-Sep-12
Review the lease to understand obligations (both financial and compliance) 05-Sep-12
Define relocation requirements (e.g. location, space requirements for new space) 08-Sep-12
Establish a budget 08-Sep-12
2. Selection of Offices
Source & brief Property Consultant(s) 15-Sep-12
Interview Property Consultant(s) 18-Sep-12
Select & instruct Property Consultant 25-Sep-12
Receive longlist of potential business space from Property Consultant 02-Oct-12
Inspect potential business space with your Property Consultant 09-Oct-12
Decide on your shortlist of potential new business space 16-Oct-12
Arrange second/third viewings on shortlisted business space 19-Oct-12
Source & brief property solicitor(s) 19-Oct-12
Receive detailed Cost Analysis on preferred options from property consultant 22-Oct-12
Select & instruct property solicitor 22-Oct-12
Make final selection of preferred option(s) for the business space and make offer(s) 29-Oct-12
Solicitor receives draft Heads of Terms for review 29-Oct-12
Heads of Terms agreed between your Property Consultant & Landlord(s) Agent(s) 01-Nov-12
Solicitor receives Heads of Terms & negotiates detail of Lease Documentation 04-Nov-12
Solicitor approves Lease Terms & Documentation 16-Dec-12
Lease ready to be signed 06-Jan-13
3. Space Design and Furnishing
Source & brief Interior Designer(s) 05-Oct-12
Interview Interior Designer(s) 12-Oct-12
Select Interior Designer 15-Oct-12
Arrange for interior designer to accompany you on final viewings (they can advise on space practicalities) 19-Oct-12
Receive proposal drawings from Interior Designer for preferred option(s) 26-Oct-12
Make a full inventory of existing furniture 29-Oct-12
Discuss & decide on your furniture requirements for your new business space (with your interior designer) 09-Nov-12
Finalise & sign-off on Design & Layout of Floorplans – once preferred option property has been secured 09-Nov-12
Start renovation of new business space 20-Dec-12
Set-up weekly progress meetings and/or site inspections with Interior Designer 27-Dec-12
Get clarification of target move-in date 01-Jan-13
Arrange a site visit for staff to see their new office (good for morale) 17-Jan-13
4. IT & Telecoms Requirements
Make a full inventory of existing IT & Telecoms equipment (hardware & software) 29-Oct-12
Conduct a thorough survey of your hardware & software requirements 01-Nov-12
Brief IT Consultants (if applicable) about the office relocation 08-Nov-12
Select & order any required hardware & software 02-Nov-12
Liaise with interior designer and schedule delivery & installation of IT & telecoms 01-Jan-13
5. The Physical Relocation
Source & brief office removals companies 27-Dec-12
Interview removals companies 01-Jan-13
Confirm that the office relocation date is still on track 08-Jan-13
Select & appoint removal company 08-Jan-13
Identify those items not required at the new business space and arrange for their disposal 11-Jan-13
Arrange for any off-site archiving and/or storage (talk to the Office Mover for disposable & storage service) 21-Jan-13
Set the move date & communicate this to all stakeholders (internal & external) 21-Jan-13
6. Other
Take a full inventory of your current office’s contents 29-Oct-12
Make a full register of all of your suppliers 05-Nov-12
Ensure marketing collateral is updated with new contact details 01-Jan-13
Order new stationery with new address & contact details (don’t forget business cards) 01-Jan-13
Notify Post Office of change of address & arrange for mail forwarding service to be set up 17-Jan-13
Notify all Customers & Suppliers of your new contact details & move date 17-Jan-13
Distribute keys (entrance cards) to staff and notify relevant people of alarm procedures 28-Jan-13