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Success Stories
Davies Ward Phillips Vineberg LLP
The law firm embarked in a large scale move, something they had not done in over 20 years. They wanted their office to be modern with a fresh new look and equipped with new technologies.
The Office Mover packed and relocated a large library and unpacked all their office assets into their new location. The Office Mover also packed, relocated and unpacked multiple large file rooms. The office relocation project was done in multiple phases where the main move consisted of relocating content for 400 staff members and relocating their technology assets (e.g. servers) over one weekend.
All tasks were done and finished ahead of schedule. We exceeded expectations in efficiency, performance, and met all key requirements by the law firm’s management.
A large percentage of AECL was purchased by SNC Lavalin. As a consequence, their name was changed to CANDU. With the merger, AECL/CANDU reduced staff, optimized work space and moved into a new facility.
The Office Mover relocated for 700+ staff members, including their contents and furniture from three (3) buildings into 7 buildings, in the surrounding area.

The move was phased out during the week with the larger phases organized for the weekend, to balance a compressed timeline and minimal disruption to staff. The move was completed on time and on specs.

The Office Mover won a 5 year contract with Celestica for facility services on demand – including big and small moves – work station reconfigurations, and large scale moves.
Our latest project ended in fall 2013. The project had 8 phases, with the reconfiguration of 250 workstations, optimizing Celestica’s workspace, adding 100 more workstations and over 600 moves.
Celestica workspace was well optimized and all reconfigurations were completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Suncor wanted to optimize its space and move divisions into more centralized groups.
The Office Mover move 400+ staff with work station reconfiguration and built 300+ workstations in several locations, throughout Southern Ontario.
Over several phases, all workstations were completed to the clients satisfaction and ahead of schedule.