Disposing Unwanted Office Furniture and Items

Office moves can be exciting. You will be in a new space with a new office layout and perhaps new furniture. But disposing unwanted office furniture or large items can be daunting.


Here are some ways you can dispose your unwanted furniture or large items:


  1. Offer to Employees

Your employees may be interested in acquiring pieces of furniture, electronics or office items. You can consider selling items to them at a discount or offering it to them for free. This is better for the environment and also reduces your disposing cost. Most importantly, it builds good will with your employees.

The demand for workspace furniture is particularly high during the COVID-19 pandemic and news outlets have reported a shortage of office furniture on numerous occasions. This disposing option may be exceptionally welcomed by your employees, particularly for workspace furniture, at the time of COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Donating to Charities

Here are options for donating your office’s used furniture and appliances:

Green Standards, a strategic partner of The Office Mover, is aligned with over 17,000 non-profits and delivers gently used office furniture to schools, foundations, charities, social programs, and more.  They can be a hassle-free option to help you get your office furniture and unwanted items into those that most need them.


  • Electronic Recycling Organizations

There are various electronic recycling social enterprises across Canada. They accept old computers, laptops, printers and many other types of electronic devices to reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste and to make technology more accessible for the marginalized populations or under resourced not-for-profit organizations.


Habitat for Humanity is a great option for donating major appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. The items they accept are resold at the store level with proceed supporting Habitat for Humanity home builds.


  • Furniture Banks Across Canada  

Furniture Banks across Canada help individuals and families transition out of displacement and homelessness through a furnished home. Some unwanted items you may have could be suitable for this cause. Some of the Furniture Banks in Ontario include:


  1. Disposal to Waste Management and Local Scrap Yards

Last but not least, items with little reuse value can go to disposal or for metal recycling. Most commercial relocation service providers, like The Office Mover, offer disposal services. They can send your disposable items, large or small, to waste management companies or local scrap yards, making it hassle free for you.

Be sure to clearly communicate and label items to keep and to dispose if you plan to use your commercial relocation service provider to both move your office and dispose items at the same time.


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