Commerical Storage Solutions and Cost

Looking to downsize your office, move or temporarily storing office belongings. Did you know that many commercial moving companies also offer temporary and long-term storage solutions? They can store a variety of items from vital records, equipment, surplus office furniture, to high value assets such as paintings.

While planning an office move, there are a lot of decisions to make – what to keep, what to dispose and what to put into storage. Your commercial moving company can provide you with turnkey storage solutions for the items you would like to store either temporarily, while you are settling in or arranging for the logistics of those items, or for the long term.

Instead of coordinating between your commercial moving company and a commercial storage company, your commercial moving company can take all your office items – those to be moved to a different location, those to be disposed and those to be stored – all at once.

How much does commercial storage cost?
As a rule of thumb, commercial storage is changed by storage pallet (approx. 40” x 48”) and by month. In Ontario, commercial relocation companies and commercial storage companies charge between $75 – $150 per storage pallet per month.

The Office Mover offers secure, temperature controlled commercial storage for our clients. For more information, contact us at or 905.673.6683 (MOVE).